Monochrome Super Set | The Guide

Foil Blanket
Your little one will love exploring the different crunching and crinkling noises that the foil sheet makes whilst developing their visual skills as the light bounces off the material. 
Let your small baby enjoy exploring their body awareness as they kick their arms and legs around.

Ribbon Ring
While your baby is young hold the ribbons above them and let them watch. As your baby’s grasp develops, they will start to hold and feel the ribbons.
They are great for movement activities, they help the baby’s abilities of eye-hand coordination, concentration, grasping and exploring.
When they are older, children will twirl, shake, spin and wave these rainbow ribbon rings to make and learn about patterns. The flowing ribbons help children to understand cause and effect, also helping with development of gross motor skills.

Simply stroke the feather along your baby’s skin. The silky soft touch will really relax them.
As they develop their senses they may even smile as this as it starts to feel tickly which will then progress, when your baby has found their little giggle.