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Daily Routine Flashcard Set

Daily Routine Flashcard Set

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Daily Routine Flashcard Set

Give your child a sense of structure and independence with our Daily Routine Flashcard Set. These 16 flashcards feature hand-drawn illustrations and clear descriptions of common daily activities, making them an excellent visual resource for children who thrive with a structured daily routine.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully Illustrated: Each flashcard has captivating hand-drawn illustrations that help children connect with and understand their daily routines.

  • Structured Learning: Establishing a daily routine is essential for children's development. These flashcards cover activities like brushing hair, teeth, meal times, dressing up, learning time, playtime, and more, providing a framework for a structured day.

  • Promote Independence: Encourage children to take ownership of their daily tasks and routines by using these flashcards as visual cues. This provides a sense of responsibility and independence.

Activities included are:

Brush your hair
brush your teeth
Eat breakfast
Eat dinner
Eat lunch
Get dressed
Go for a walk
Have a bath
Learning time
Make your bed
Play a game
Screen time
Snack time
Tidy up
Read a book
Wash hands

We also have a wooden stand available to purchase separately for the next steps in your child's routine to be easily displayed.

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