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Large Musical Sensory Play Set

Large Musical Sensory Play Set

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Large Musical Sensory Set

Specially created to introduce your little one to the fun and noisy world of musical play. These tried-and-tested essentials are beloved by baby groups everywhere, making them essential for your baby's sensory development. Through the sounds and vibrant colours of these musical instruments, your baby will explore, learn, and develop through their sensory experiences.

What's Included in the Music Sensory Box?

  • Animal Tambourine: This tambourine will engage your baby's auditory senses while promoting creativity and motor skills.
  • Hand Bell: The hand bell's gentle chime is perfect for introducing your baby to the world of music and rhythm. It encourages grasping and coordination as they explore its jingles.
  • Large Stick Bell: This brightly coloured stick bell offers easy grip and endless entertainment. It's a fantastic tool to develop hand-eye coordination and musical expression.
  • Rattle: The classic rattle is a sensory essential that encourages fine motor skills and provides captivating visual and auditory stimulation.
  • Egg Shaker: Shaking the egg shaker introduces your baby to rhythm and sound, enhancing their understanding of cause and effect.
  • Wooden Maraca: The wooden maraca is a perfect introduction to sound and rhythm. Babies can rattle and shake it to develop essential dexterity and coordination skills while expressing themselves through sound.
  • Castanet: The castanet encourages creativity and musical exploration, all while promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Engaging in musical activities with babies is not only enjoyable but also incredibly beneficial for their development. Singing songs and rhymes supports language development and memory. 
And moving to the beat and using musical instruments helps your baby develop their motor skills.
Plus it is such fun! Watching your little one enjoy some singing and music making is a fantastic way to bond together.

Please note that individual colours and designs may vary from the photo.

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