Montessori Puzzle Ball | Black and White

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Montessori Puzzle Ball

Soft fabric ball for babies and toddlers that makes the perfect learning toy through all the stages of development. Has a rattle inside to stimulate baby's senses and encourage small hands to roll and play.

Offers great incentive to early crawlers, as it presents the right amount of challenge. When child is sitting the ball is easy to grasp, passed from hand to hand, rolled, safe for throwing. Suitable as well as the first kicking ball. Ideal to learn to grasp, roll, catch and throw.

Ball made of 12 sections sewn together and then assembled into the ball shape (does not come apart).
100% cotton fabrics, Oeko-Tex Standard certified and filled with polyester fiberfill. No hard edges.

Washing instructions: machine wash it on a gentle cycle. Air dry.
Diameter: 38cm / 14.96 inches.

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