What Is Sensory Play?

What Is Sensory Play?

Introducing your little one to sensory play

In the early stages of your little one’s life they will start an incredible journey of discovery, exploring their brand new world through their senses.
Sensory play is a play time where babies learn and have fun at the same time! It's a playtime filled with interesting textures, exciting sounds, and new experiences.
 In this blog, I will help you understand what sensory play is, why it's so important for your baby and how you can start playing together.

What is sensory play?

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates your baby’s senses. 
Sensory play encourages babies to investigate and explore their new world using their senses; - sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
This style of play is not only enjoyable for babies but also plays a crucial role in their growth and development.

Where did it all begin?

Although sensory play theorists have held differing views over the years, they’ve agreed on many aspects of the importance of sensory play to spark the senses and help children learn.
Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget (1896-1980), said in his theory of cognitive development that young children in what he called the sensorimotor stage (birth-2 years) learn a great deal about cause and effect as they explore with their senses and gain control over their motor abilities through play.
Source: https://empoweredparents.co/benefits-of-sensory-play/

Sensory play is a fantastic way for you to bond with your baby and create special memories together..

With the right materials and guidance, sensory play can give your baby a head start in life, but remember, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe! 

Unfortunately not all sensory resources are created equally..

You can be sure that my sensory toys are safety tested to strict toy standards by a UK testing labYour baby is too precious not to!

baby looking at sensory strip

When should I start sensory play?

Sensory play has proven benefits right from birth! 
From around 2 months you will start seeing your baby responding, enjoying and engaging in their play time. 
From the very beginning, sensory play can make a big difference in your baby's world, it’s beneficial to start using things like high-contrast sensory toys with your newborn.

It is easy to adapt sensory play to your little one’s age and developmental stage as they grow. 

baby ribbon ring play

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Not only is sensory play a great way to bond with your little one but it is also so important for their development! 
By stimulating their senses you help build those all important nerve connections in their brain. 
Sensory play helps improve baby’s motor skills and encourages their language development. It teaches problem solving and can have a calming effect on them. 
Sensory play is a fun and engaging way to help your baby grow and learn. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing their little one light up with curiosity as they explore!?

Sensory play doesn’t mean expensive baby groups every day – you can do this all in the comfort of your own home!

sensory box

You don’t need a mountain of baby toys and you certainly don’t need a qualification in child development! 
You can introduce your baby to the world of sensory play so easily with a
pre-made sensory box.
Each box also includes a play guide filled with tips and suggestions on how to use the bits inside.
I make it so it couldn’t be easier to introduce your baby to sensory play at home!
From pre-made sensory boxes to a whole section dedicated to creating your own sensory box of individual sensory toys to pick and choose from.

Learn, play, develop, grow and bond..

As you see your baby smile, reach out to touch things, and explore the world around them, know that you're helping them to love learning, and that's something incredible!  

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