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Baby Paper | Crinkle Toy | Blue Spot

Baby Paper | Crinkle Toy | Blue Spot

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Baby Paper | Crinkle Toy | Blue Spot

Give your little one the gift of sensory delight with Baby Paper, the innovative crinkle toy that babies absolutely adore! Baby Paper was born out of the simple joy that babies find in the delightful crunching sound of paper – but without the risk of paper cuts.
Meet our fabric covered crinkly paper that will be loved by babies and children. The crisp, crunchy sound will provide a sensory stimulation sensation that's safe, effective, washable, and easy to pack to play on the go!

Key Features:

  • Irresistible Crinkle: Babies are enchanted by the magical crinkle sound, and Baby Paper provides just that! The crinkly texture of Baby Paper is designed to captivate your baby's attention and provide endless fascination.

  • Safe and Compliant: Rest easy knowing that Baby Paper is made from a polyester material that is CPSAI Compliant, exceeding all safety testing standards. Your baby's safety and well-being are a top priority.

  • Easy to Clean: Babies can get messy, but Baby Paper is easy to keep clean. You can hand or machine wash it on a gentle cycle with similar colours and let it air dry. It's designed to withstand baby's adventures!

  • Variety of Designs: Baby Paper is available in a range of delightful designs, including monochrome stripe, stars, chevron, blue spot, and pink spot. Choose the one that suits your baby's style!

It's the perfect toy to engage their senses, encourage tactile exploration, and provide endless entertainment. Whether at home or on the go, Baby Paper is a must-have.

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