Baby’s First Sensory Water Mat | Sky

Baby’s First Sensory Water Mat | Sky

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The perfect tummy time activity mat to enhance visual and physical development for babies.
Design led engaging illustrations, to help with learning through play.
Enhance the quality of your babies tummy time activities.
This water mat has been designed and individually packaged in England.
This is a great start to incorporate visual stimulation and physical development into your baby’s everyday routine.
We have used high contrasting shapes uniquely designed by us, images which entice and engage the baby.

SUPPORTS GOOD VISUAL SENSORY GROWTH AND PROMOTES HEALTHIER NEURON CONNECTIONS. High contrast is beneficial for the babies first year of life to strengthen synapses and create a good foundation for further creative learning and baby play.

ENCOURAGES PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT. From proceeding and perfecting tummy time this will support gross motor skills and begin the curiosity to use finer motor skills, through the inclusion of smaller foam shapes as well as larger.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY- This baby play mat creates a host of opportunities to enhance sensory play which continues to be vital during your infants younger years. Theses sensory toys for babies are designed to bring elements of fun into everyday baby activity play.

Non Toxic, BPA free PVC.
CE tested

65cm diameter, 60 cm diameter once the side is filled with air