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2 Pack Black and White Sensory Scarves | UKCA Tested

2 Pack Black and White Sensory Scarves | UKCA Tested

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Black & White Sensory Scarves

Discover the captivating world of sensory play with our Black & White Sensory Scarves. These sensory play scarves are not only engaging but also promote essential skills like
hand-eye coordination, tracking, focus, and concentration.

Visual Stimulation: Show your baby the black and white scarves and watch as their eyes are drawn to the high-contrast colours. This promotes visual tracking and concentration.
Sensory Exploration: Allow your child to touch, feel, and explore the monochrome scarves. They can crinkle them, wave them, or simply enjoy the textures.

Key Features:

  • Monochrome: These sensory scarves are designed in timeless black and white, offering high-contrast visual stimulation that's perfect for little eyes. They're a valuable addition to your baby's sensory toy collection.

  • Create a Sensory Box: Create your very own monochrome sensory box, filled with these scarves and other black and white sensory toys. It's a fantastic way to engage newborns and introduce them to the world of sensory exploration.

  • Safety First: Our Black & White Sensory Scarves are rigorously tested for safety by an independent UK testing lab. You can trust in their quality and safety for your little one.

⚠️ Please be aware the colour can run from the scarves once wet. We recommend hand washing them before use to remove excess dye. Must always be used under adult supervision.

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