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Black and White Spinning Book

Black and White Spinning Book

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Monochrome Tummy Time Spinning Book

Introducing the Taf Toys Tummy-Time Spinning Book—an innovative and versatile book that adds a fun twist to tummy time activities for your baby.

Key Features:

  • A double-sided tummy-time spinning baby book for 3 developmental stages with 10 pages of black & white illustrations, 1 unique hologram page and a baby-safe mirror.
  • Double sided standing spinning book for 3 development stages:
    -Stage 1: Visual stimulation - High contrast colours and face drawings allow baby to focus on one image at a time and minimize stimulation. Helps develop baby’s senses and emotional intelligence.
    -Stage 2: Tummy time - rattling sound while spinning the book. The book stands up alone to help encourage tummy-time play.
    -Stage 3: sitting position - spin & rattle and repeat again!
  • Specially designed for tummy time use or in a sitting position, encouraging parent-child play interaction and joint activity.


  • Visual stimulation: The black & white illustrations will stimulate baby's visual system and eye-sight development, helping them to focus on one image at a time.
  • Cognitive development: The special hologram page highly captivates baby’s curiosity and attention, enhance their cognitive skills with reflective element.
  • Self-awareness & cognition: The mirror page encourages self-awareness and recognition, fostering a sense of identity and promoting social-emotional development.
  • Multi-sensory stimulation: With 10 pages of black and white illustrations, a sparkling hologram page, delightful rattle sound when spinning, the book offers three different sensory experiences in one go.

Suitable from birth

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