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Block Sensory Decal Stickers

Block Sensory Decal Stickers

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6 x Geometric Pattern Sensory Reusable Stickers

Transform your baby's world and boost sensory development with our Geometric Pattern Sensory Reusable Wall Decal Stickers. 

Key Features:

  • Sensory Enrichment: These decal stickers are all about sensory fun and activities, offering your baby visual exploration that supports their sensory development.

  • Safe and Certified: Rest easy knowing that these decals have been UKCA safety tested, providing a secure environment for your baby's sensory adventures.

  • Reusable and Residue-Free: Crafted with a special adhesive, these decals can be rearranged and reused without leaving any sticky residue behind. They are perfect for decorating a nursery, play area, or adding a touch of sensory magic to bath time.

  • Geometric Patterns: The stickers come in two shapes—7cm squares and 7.5cm circles—featuring captivating geometric patterns that stimulate your baby's curiosity and creativity.

How to Use:

  1. Arrange and Stick: Peel off the decal stickers and arrange them on a wall, play area, or wherever you'd like to create a sensory filled environment.

  2. Explore and Play: Encourage your baby to touch, feel, and explore the geometric patterns. 

  3. Rearrange and Reuse: Don't hesitate to rearrange the stickers to create new sensory experiences. Thanks to their residue-free adhesive, you can reuse them without worry.

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