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Colourful Letter Box Sensory Set

Colourful Letter Box Sensory Set

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Colourful Letter Box Sensory Set

Unwrap the benefits of sensory play with our Colourful Letter Box Sensory Gift Box. A thoughtful gift that fits right through the letterbox for ultimate convenience.
This hand-picked selection of sensory toys are designed to enhance your baby's development.

Key Features:

  • Packaged for Convenience: A thoughtful and convenient sensory play experience packaged in a letterbox sized delivery meaning your gift recipient doesn't need to get up for the postman or be woken by the door bell!

    Tried and Tested Selection: We've handpicked each item in this set to ensure it helps your baby's development. This sensory gift box has been tried and tested to offer engaging play and skill-building opportunities.

What's Included:

  • 3 UKCA Sensory Scarves: These coloured sensory scarves offer a delightful mix of colours and textures to captivate your baby's visual and tactile senses. They're perfect for enhancing motor skills and promoting focus.
  • 1 Ribbon Ring: The ribbon ring introduces your baby to the rainbow colours, enhancing their visual and tactile senses as they grasp and explore.
  • 1 Baby Paper Crinkle: Baby Paper is a fantastic sensory toy that produces a delightful crinkling sound when touched, providing auditory and tactile sensory experiences.
  • 1 Space Blanket Foil: A shiny and crinkly foil blanket that adds a new sensory dimension to playtime.

Benefits of Sensory Play:

  • Brain Development: Sensory play helps build nerve connections in the brain.
  • Motor Skills: It encourages the development of motor skills.
  • Language Growth: Sensory play supports language development.
  • Problem Solving: It fosters problem-solving skills and scientific thinking.
  • Mindfulness: Sensory play involves mindful activities beneficial for all children

Colour Options:
Boy: The set will avoid pinks and purples, opting for more gender-neutral or masculine colours.
Girl: The set will include more feminine colours
Mixed: A mixture of all rainbow colours for a balanced and colourful play experience. 
Please note that individual colours and patterns may vary from the photo.

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