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Edushape Textured Pop Blocks

Edushape Textured Pop Blocks

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Edushape Textured Pop Blocks

Introducing Edushape Textured Pop Blocks - A vibrant set of 10 interlinking and tactile cubes that offer a world of sensory exploration for your little one, suitable from birth.

Key Features:

  • Tactile Delight: These colourful pop blocks are designed with soft forms and 3D textures, making them irresistibly fascinating to touch and chew. Each lightweight cube also features a unique shape that cleverly fits into the next matching piece, providing endless opportunities for play and discovery as your baby grows.

  • Learning Fun: They offer a fun and creative way for little ones to learn about shapes, counting, animals, and colours. Can they fit the blocks into the correctly shaped slot? Can they build the tallest tower? 

The Edushape Textured Pop Blocks are more than just toys; they are tools for sensory exploration, cognitive development, and imaginative play. Watch as your child engages with these tactile cubes and embarks on a journey of discovery and learning.

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