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Fluorescent Tube Drum

Fluorescent Tube Drum

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Fluorescent Tube Drum

The Fluorescent Tube Drum is an enchanting sensory toy that will captivate children with its mesmerising display of vibrant colors. As the drum is spun, shaken, or rolled, the enclosed fluorescent granules tumble around the inside of the tube, creating an entrancing visual effect.

Key Features:

  • Rotating Vibrant Colours: Children will be fascinated by the ever-changing display of vivid colours as they interact with the drum. 

  • UV: To add an extra layer of excitement, the granules in the drum are UV reactive. This means that when exposed to a UV light source, they will glow, adding an even more magical and mesmerizing element to playtime.

The Fluorescent Tube Drum is a sensory marvel that engages children's visual and tactile senses while providing a unique and captivating play experience. Whether spun, shaken, rolled, or placed under a UV light, this toy promises hours of discovery. 

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