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Hello Baby Bedtime Kit

Hello Baby Bedtime Kit

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Introducing the Sweet Dreams Baby Bedtime Kit

Create magical bedtime moments with our Sweet Dreams Baby Bedtime Kit, the ultimate solution for parents seeking a smoother and more enjoyable bedtime routine for their little ones.

What's Included?

  • The kit includes 12 must-have developmental products for bedtime: Soothing Music & light Toy, Soft Silicone Toothbrush, comforter, Bunny Teether Toy , 7 Double Sided Flash Cards (14 images), card’s Ring holder & a bonus Developmental Guide.

Key Features

  1. 12 Different Activities: Packed with a variety of 12 engaging activities, our kit ensures a comprehensive bedtime routine that captivates your baby's attention and promotes a sense of calmness.

  2. Developmental Guide: Our kit includes a detailed developmental guide with expert tips for supporting newborns in bedtime and sleeping routines. Understand the benefits of each included toy and enhance your baby's developmental journey.

  3. Visual Stimulation Cards: Engage visual stimulation with dual-purpose bedtime routine image cards.

  4. Soothing Melodies: The musical toy plays for 20 minutes, offering two night tunes and two comforting sounds (gentle shushing and soothing water). Transition your baby from alertness to a relaxed atmosphere before sleep with calming melodies and soft lighting.

  5. Early Dental Hygiene: Introduce early dental hygiene habits with the baby's first toothbrush, ensuring a healthy start to oral care.

  6. Transitional Comfort: Around 6 months of age, use the soft comforter or Bunny Teether Toy as a comforting transitional object. Share the day's activities in a soothing tone to help your baby mentally process and recall events, fostering a healthy bedtime routine.

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