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Hunny Bunny Stacking Toy

Hunny Bunny Stacking Toy

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Hunny Bunny Stacking Toy

This colourful and captivating stacking toy is thoughtfully designed to provide hours of entertainment and valuable learning experiences for babies aged 9 months and older.

Key Features:

  • Three Stacking Rings: The toy features three stacking rings, each with bold patterns and block colours. These stacking rings are not only visually appealing but also have easy to grab handles, making it easy for your baby to explore and manipulate them.

  • Swirling Beads: The base ring of the stacker is filled with swirling beads that produce delightful sounds and movements when played with. This interactive element adds an auditory dimension to playtime.

  • Educational Benefits: This toy is an excellent tool for teaching sorting skills and encouraging hand-eye coordination. As babies stack the rings in the correct order, they learn about size differentiation and develop problem-solving skills. It's an engaging way to stimulate your baby's mind and support their early cognitive development.

Suitable from 9 Months+

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