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IMPERFECT Pufferfish Sensory Bottle

IMPERFECT Pufferfish Sensory Bottle

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IMPERFECT Pufferfish Sensory Bottle

Slightly damaged through scratches blemishes.
All still fully useable and safe for your baby

Hidden Treasures: Each sound bottle contains little hidden objects to spot as well as making a fun noise when shaken. These surprises invite curiosity and discovery

Sound Adventure: When your little one shakes the bottle, they'll be greeted with interesting sounds. This helps your baby to start recognising different sounds and rhythms early on.

Visual Fascination: With things moving around in the bottle, your baby will be fascinated by the interesting things to look at each time they tip, shake or roll the bottle.

Sensory Development:

    • Auditory: The gentle sounds promote auditory development and help your baby understand cause and effect through their movements.

    • Visual: Engaging visuals and the movement of objects inside the bottle stimulate visual tracking and focus.

    • Tactile: Holding and shaking the bottle encourages fine and gross motor skill development.

    Size and Care:

    Measuring 14 cm in height and 4 cm in width, this sensory bottle is perfectly sized for your baby's little hands. To keep it in pristine condition, avoid submerging it in water or exposing it to prolonged sunlight. Cleaning is a breeze with a quick wipe using a damp cloth.

    Safety: Petit Boum sensory bottles comply with EN71, CE and UKCA regulations. The bottles are BPA & phthalate free and are double sealed for safety. All dyes and components are non-toxic. 

    Start the Sensory Journey:

    The Pufferfish Sound Sensory Bottle is suitable for babies as young as 3 months. It's a wonderful addition to sensory playtime, helping your baby explore the world around them through their growing senses.

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