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Infantino Lights & Sounds Multi Sensory Balls Set

Infantino Lights & Sounds Multi Sensory Balls Set

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Multi Sensory Balls Set

Let your baby explore our Infantino Lights & Sounds Multi-Sensory Balls Set. This captivating set is designed to bring a world of sensory fun to your little one, encouraging gross motor skill development and those exciting first milestones. With four unique balls, each offering its own fascinating feature, your baby will love exploring and play.

Key Features:

  • Variety: Our set includes four distinctive balls, each with its own unique feature to intrigue and entertain your baby.

  • Light-Up Ball: The light-up ball is sure to capture your little one's attention with its enchanting glow, providing visual stimulation and wonder.

  • Textured Teething Fun: Let your baby soothe sore gums with the textured elements on one of the balls. Teething becomes an engaging and comfortable experience.

  • Cause & Effect Rattle: The easy-to-grip rattle ball introduces your baby to the concept of cause and effect, sparking curiosity and learning through play.

  • Tactile Exploration: The bumpy ball encourages tactile exploration, inviting your baby to touch and feel different textures, promoting sensory development.

  • BPA-Free: Safety is paramount. Rest assured that our balls are BPA-free, offering peace of mind during play.

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