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Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bomb Refills 40Pk

Munchkin Colour Buddies Moisturising Bath Bomb Refills 40Pk

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Munchkin Colour Buddies Refills

Bath time doesn't have to end when the bath bombs do! Ensure that your child's bath-time adventures are always filled with fun and imagination by stocking up on the refills! These bath colour tablets are the perfect addition to your bath routine and will keep the colourful excitement going.

Key Features:

  • Child Friendly Bath Bombs: Just like the original bath bombs, these refill tablets are designed with children in mind. They are made with natural skin-loving ingredients such as Vitamin E and shea butter, ensuring that your child's skin stays moisturised.

  • Easy to Use: These bath bomb refills are incredibly easy to use. Simply drop them directly into the bathwater, and watch as the vibrant colours fizz transforming the bath into a visually stimulating experience.

  • Use with Colour Buddies Dispensers: If you already have the adorable Colour Buddies toy dispensers (sold separately), you can use these refills with them to make bath time even more exciting. The toy dispensers add an extra layer of fun and playfulness to the experience.

  • Non-Toxic and Easy to Clean: Like the original bath bombs, these refills are non-toxic and won't stain the tub or your child's skin. 

Recommended Age: These bath bomb refills are suitable for children aged 24 months and older, providing endless entertainment and enrichment during bath time.

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