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My Feelings Crinkle Toy

My Feelings Crinkle Toy

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My Feelings Crinkle Toy

Introduce your baby to a range of facial expressions, encouraging them to identify and understand emotions with this baby crinkle toy from Taf Toys.

Key Features:

  • Emotion Recognition: The toy's illustrations show various facial expressions, helping babies recognise and understand emotions. This helps to strengthen their emotional intelligence.

  • High-Contrast Imagery: The innovative design has high-contrast images, which captivates the developing eyes of younger babies. These bold, high contrast patterns are visually stimulating and engaging, making the crinkle toy suitable for infants in the early stages of visual development as well.

  • Multi-Stage Engagement: The brightly coloured side of the toy is ideal for later developmental stages, offering a new level of engagement as your little one explores textures, colours, and crinkly surfaces.

  • Versatile Play: This toy can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Lay it flat on the floor for tactile exploration or allow it to stand free, encouraging your baby to practice essential tummy time skills.
    Tummy time is vital for strengthening their head, neck, and shoulder muscles.

  • Sensory and Motor Development: The My Feelings Crinkle Toy boasts playful activities and crinkly textures that stimulate sensory development and motor skills. 

  • Easy Portability: Lightweight and foldable, this toy is designed with convenience in mind. It even includes plastic rings for easy attachment to buggies and car seats when out on the go.

Suitable from Birth

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