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New Colour Sensory Box

New Colour Sensory Box

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Colour Sensory Box

Dive into a world of vibrant exploration with our Colour Sensory Box, a thoughtfully curated collection of sensory essentials designed to ignite your baby's developmental journey. Engage your little one in a colourful range of textures and sounds all carefully selected to stimulate their senses and promote their developmental milestones.

What's Included in the Sensory Box:

  • Sensory Scarves (3x): These sensory scarves offer a delightful mix of colours and textures to captivate your baby's visual and tactile senses. They're perfect for enhancing motor skills and promoting focus.
  • Bell Rattle: The bell rattle produces a gentle and soothing sound that engages your baby's auditory senses, while its easy-to-grasp design encourages motor skill development.
  • Textured Sensory Ball: The textured sensory ball provides tactile stimulation, encouraging exploration and sensory awareness through touch.
  • Ribbon Ring: The ribbon ring introduces your baby to the rainbow colours, enhancing their visual and tactile senses as they grasp and explore.
  • Rainmaker: This captivating rainmaker creates a gentle, rhythmic sound as colourful beads cascade through it, providing auditory and visual stimulation.
  • Baby Paper Crinkle: Baby Paper is a beloved sensory toy that produces a delightful crinkling sound when touched, providing auditory and tactile sensory experiences.
  • Flashing Spiked Ball: The flashing spiked ball adds an element of visual excitement with its flashing lights, captivating your little one's attention and stimulating their visual senses.

    Benefits of Sensory Play: 

  • Building Neural Connections: Sensory play helps build connections in the brain. 
  • Motor Skill Enhancement: These sensory items encourage the development of motor skills, from grasping and manipulating to coordinated movements.
  • Language Support: Engaging with various sensory experiences can boost language development as babies react to sounds, textures, and colours.
  • Scientific Thinking: Sensory play introduces early concepts of cause and effect, supporting scientific thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Mindfulness: Sensory activities can promote mindfulness, helping babies focus, explore, and learn in a calming way.

Colour Options:

Boy: The set will avoid pinks and purples, opting for more gender-neutral or masculine colours.
Girl: The set will include more feminine colours
Mixed: A mixture of all rainbow colours for a balanced and colourful play experience.
Please note that individual colours and patterns may vary from the photo.

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