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Newborn Kit Gift Set

Newborn Kit Gift Set

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Newborn Kit Gift Set

Welcome the precious new baby in your life into a world of fun and development with our specially designed Newborn Kit Gift Set. This gift set kit includes 12 must-have developmental products, each carefully selected to support your baby's growth and exploration during those early months.

What's Included:

  • Baby-Safe Mirror: Engage your baby's curiosity and visual senses with a mirror designed for their safety and enjoyment.

  • Lion Blankie: A cosy and comforting companion for your little one, perfect for snuggles and comfort.

  • Developmental Pillow: Provide essential support for your baby's head and neck during tummy time and play.

  • Rattle Ring: Encourage your baby's motor skills and auditory development with a delightful rattle ring.

  • Crinkle Lion Cub: This crinkly toy provides sensory stimulation and adds an element of surprise to playtime.

  • 5 Double-Sided Flash Cards (10 Images): Introduce your baby to a variety of high-contrast patterns and images to enhance visual development.

  • 2 Plastic Card Holders: Keep your flashcards within easy reach for interactive learning.

  • Bonus Developmental Guide: Gain valuable insights and tips on how to support your baby's growth and development through play.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for tummy time: Promote strength and coordination during supervised tummy time sessions.

  • Visual Stimulation: High-contrast patterns and images captivate your baby's attention and encourage visual development.

  • Cause & Effect Learning: Interactive toys and accessories help your baby explore cause-and-effect relationships.

  • Emotional Development: Provide comfort and companionship to support your baby's emotional development.

Our Newborn Kit Gift Set is a wonderful way to ensure your baby gets the support they need while enjoying playful and enriching experiences creating many bonding opportunities for the family.


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