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Nursery Times | Crinkly Newspaper | Colourful Creatures

Nursery Times | Crinkly Newspaper | Colourful Creatures

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Colourful Creatures Crinkly Newspaper

Designed to provide an engaging and educational experience filled with vibrant animals from around the world.

Key Features:

  • Educational Exploration: This cloth book, measuring approximately 30cm x 20cm, is tailored for little hands to explore with ease. It offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

  • Sensory Marvel: Created with sensory play in mind, the book boasts lightweight, crinkly pages that create a fantastic soundscape. As your baby touches, squeezes, and explores, they will enhance their fine motor skills and sensory awareness.

  • Safety at the Forefront: We prioritise the safety of your baby. "Colourful Creatures Crinkly Newspaper" cloth book undergoes rigorous UKCA and CE testing, meeting the highest toy safety standards.

  • Exploration and Discovery: Inside the pages of this cloth book, you'll find illustrations showcasing creatures from various corners of the world, all thoughtfully grouped by their striking colours. It's a journey of discovery and wonder for your baby.

Foster a Love for Learning: Immerse your baby in the world of colourful creatures and kindle their curiosity as you explore the pages of "Colourful Creatures Crinkly Newspaper." It's a fantastic tool for early education and sensory development.

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