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Ocean Art Cards

Ocean Art Cards

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Ocean Art Cards

Babies are naturally drawn to the world of black-and-white designs. Our Ocean Art Cards are carefully crafted to nurture and enhance a baby's early visual perception right from the start. This set features six adorable marine animals, including a Crab, Fish, Octopus, Seahorse, Turtle, and Whale.

Key Features:

  • Visual Stimulation: The high-contrast black-and-white designs on these art cards are expertly curated to stimulate and develop a baby's visual perception, encouraging early cognitive development.

  • Durable Construction: Printed on sturdy board, these cards are built to withstand a baby's curious explorations and playful interactions, ensuring they last through those precious early months.

  • Child-Friendly Design: Each 5"x7" card is not only visually captivating but also safe for little ones, thanks to matte lamination and rounded corners that prioritize your baby's well-being.

Our Ocean Art Cards are more than just cards; they are the first step in your baby's exciting journey of visual discovery.

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