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Sensory Glitter Storm Set

Sensory Glitter Storm Set

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Sensory Glitter Storm Set

Introduce a touch of magic to sensory play with our TickiT® Sensory Glitter Storm Set. This set of three cylindrical shakers is filled with a mesmerising combination of non-toxic glycerol-based liquid and sparkling water, creating a captivating glitter storm when shaken. It's an ideal tool for capturing your child's focus and attention while also providing opportunities for language development and exploring simple science.

Key Features:

  • Glittering Wonder: Watch the glitter storm - as the glitter swirls, slows down, and twinkles it creates a captivating sensory experience.

  • Educational Play: These shakers offer more than just visual appeal. They provide a great opportunity for language development as you discuss with your child the movement of the glitter with your child.

  • Science at Play: Explore simple scientific principles with your child as they observe the glitter storm's behaviour. It's a hands-on way to introduce concepts like motion, gravity, and fluid dynamics.

The liquid used to create this set is made from:
Water (CAS 7732-18-5), Glycerol (CAS 56-81-5).
All materials used in the manufacturer of our sensory liquid products are within the permissible limits set by the European Classification, Labelling & Packaging Regulations (CLP 2008).

Set includes: 3 sensory liquid containers.
Size: H 14cm x 5cm diameter.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.

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