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Sensory Rainbow Glitter Ball

Sensory Rainbow Glitter Ball

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Sensory Rainbow Glitter Ball

The TickiT® Sensory Rainbow Glitter Ball is a magical sensory ball containing sparkling glitter which swirls around with the movement of the balls to captivate your child's imagination. Great for your child to hold, roll or bounce!

Key Features:

  • Sparkling Stardust: Inside the ball, there's glittery stardust that sparkles and moves as you play, making it super fascinating to watch.

  • Versatile Play: Your child can have fun in different ways with this ball—holding it, rolling it, or giving it a little bounce.

  • Surprise Colour: Each ball comes in a random colour, adding an element of surprise to the playtime adventure.

  • Just the Right Size: With a 6.5cm diameter, it's easy for little hands to grip and enjoy.

  • Age Reminder: Please keep in mind that this ball is recommended for 3 years+ due to the contents.

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