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Sensory Reflective Sound Balls

Sensory Reflective Sound Balls

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Sensory Reflective Sound Balls

Discover a world of sensory excitement with the Sensory Reflective Sound Balls from TickiT®. These unique balls are not only tactile and reflective but also filled with different materials that create fascinating sounds. The mirrored surface makes everything look amusingly distorted, like peeking through a wacky wide-angle lens. You'll receive a set of seven silver balls that range in size from 5cm to 11cm.

Key Features:

  • Distorted Reflections: When you look into these silver balls, your reflection will twist and stretch.

  • Durable and Safe: Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, these balls are built to last while remaining lightweight for easy handling. They are free from harmful chemicals and naturally resistant to germs.

  • Inspiring Creativity: Children love making funny faces into the mirrored surface and exploring how light reflects from different angles. It's a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play and language development.

  • Sounds Galore: Each ball is filled with different materials that produce various sounds, making them appealing to young children and those with special educational needs (SEND) 

  • Set Includes: You'll get seven stainless steel balls, each in a different size: 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, and 11cm in diameter.

  • Suitable for All Ages: These balls are perfect for children of all ages, offering endless opportunities for sensory exploration and learning.

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