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Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons

Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons

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Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons

Introduce your child to a world of sensory exploration with the TickiT® Sensory Sound Buttons. These unique buttons offer a fun sensory experience, allowing your child to engage in creative play and discover a wide range of sounds and reflections.

What are Sound Buttons?

  • Sensory Stacking: The three buttons are designed for stacking, creating wobbly and visually intriguing towers that captivate your child's attention. This tactile experience enhances their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Reflective Wonder: Each button boasts a smooth mirrored surface with a captivating metallic gold, silver, and colour burst appearance. Watch as your child enjoys making funny faces and observing their distorted reflections.

  • Exploring Sounds: Inside each sound button, different contents produce unique sound effects, stimulating your child's auditory senses. This feature is particularly appealing to children with sensory processing needs and those who love discovering new sounds.

  • Safe and Durable: Constructed from stainless steel, these buttons are robust, durable, and lightweight—perfect for little hands. They are also chemical-free, non-toxic, and naturally bacteria-resistant.

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