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Translucent Colour Paddles

Translucent Colour Paddles

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Translucent Colour Paddles

Introduce your child to the enchanting world of colour mixing with our Translucent Colour Paddles from TickiT®. They have been designed to inspire creativity and curiosity in children. They provide a fun and educational way to explore colour and experiment with mixing.

Key Features:

  • Primary and Secondary Colours: Our set includes plastic paddles in both primary and secondary colours. This allows children to witness first hand how different colours can be combined to produce entirely new ones!

  • Larger Size: The paddles come in a larger size, making them easy for children to hold and manipulate. This ensures a comfortable and engaging learning experience.

  • No Mess: Unlike traditional painting, colour mixing with these paddles is clean and mess-free. Your child can experiment with colours without the need for paint or brushes, making it an ideal choice for both parents and educators.

Set includes: 6 colour paddles.
Size: 8cm diameter.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.

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