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Tummy-Time Baby Mirror Book

Tummy-Time Baby Mirror Book

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Tummy-Time Baby Mirror Book

Delight your little one with this multi-sensory, double sided upright XL mirror book from Taf Toys. Featuring a huge baby-safe mirror & high contrast & colourful illustrations that stimulate baby’s senses & emotional intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Huge Baby-Safe Mirror: A generously sized mirror on both sides fosters self-awareness, visual observation, and the development of essential communication skills.

  • High Contrast & Colourful Illustrations: Engage your baby's senses with vivid, high-contrast colours and colourful illustrations, promoting visual stimulation and emotional intelligence.

  • Double Developmental Stages:

    • Side 1: Simple visual stimulation with high-contrast colours aids in developing baby's senses and emotional intelligence.
    • Side 2: Rich colours and a substantial baby-safe mirror enhance self-awareness, visual observation, and communication skills.
  • Peek-A-Boo Flaps: The mirror is cleverly covered by flaps, creating an exciting Peek-A-Boo game between parent and baby. 

  • Upright Angle for Tummy-Time Play: The book's upright angle encourages tummy-time play, supporting your baby's physical development in a fun and interactive way.

  • Suitable for 0m+: Dive straight into the world of play and learning with this mirror book, specially crafted for newborns and beyond.


  • Early Self-Awareness: The XL mirror promotes early self-awareness as babies explore their reflections.

  • Visual Stimulation: High-contrast colours and colourful illustrations stimulate visual development and engage your baby's senses.

  • Communication Skills: Interaction with the mirror and peek-a-boo flaps encourages the development of communication skills.

  • Tummy-Time Support: The upright angle facilitates tummy-time play, contributing to physical development.

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