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Tummy Time Sensory Kit

Tummy Time Sensory Kit

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Introducing the Taf Toys Tummy Time Sensory Set - Where Play and Development Unite!

Elevate your baby's tummy time experience with this fantastic Tummy Time Sensory Set. Crafted by Taf Toys, this specially curated kit is designed to engage and stimulate your little one's senses while fostering essential developmental milestones.

Key Features:

  1. Fold Out Flashcard Book: Providing visual stimulation with the fold-out flashcard book. Featuring captivating images, it provides an interactive and educational element to tummy time, making learning an exciting part of play.

  2. Bead Filled Drum: Elevate fine motor skill development with the bead-filled drum. As your baby reaches, grabs, and explores the drum, they enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, creating a rhythmic and sensory-rich play experience.

  3. Spinning Tube: Encourage curiosity and exploration with the spinning tube. Its dynamic design captures your baby's attention, promoting visual tracking and concentration during tummy time sessions.


  • Sensory Stimulation: The Tummy Time Sensory Set offers a multisensory experience, engaging sight and touch to captivate your baby's attention and curiosity.

  • Fine Motor Skill Development: The bead-filled drum challenges your baby to grasp and explore, fostering the development of fine motor skills essential for later milestones.

  • Educational Exploration: The fold-out flashcard board transforms tummy time into a learning adventure, introducing images and concepts in an interactive format.

  • Visual Tracking: The spinning tube enhances visual tracking abilities, supporting the development of focus and concentration.

Create Fun Tummy Time Moments:

Watch your baby thrive in their tummy time sessions with this special sensory set.
Let's face it, not a lot of babies take to tummy time. So I'm here to help make it that bit easier and more fun because we all know how crucial it is for your baby's development.

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