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Tummy Time Spinning Book

Tummy Time Spinning Book

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Tummy Time Spinning Book

Introducing the Taf Toys Tummy-Time Spinning Book—an innovative and versatile book that adds a fun twist to tummy time activities for your baby.

Key Features:

  • Sensory Adventure: This unique book offers a sensory experience with its rattling pages. It's designed to be your baby's companion from birth, growing with them as they reach new developmental milestones.

  • Newborn-Friendly: For newborns, the book features specially designed black and white pages that easily fit into the frame, creating a never-ending book. These high-contrast pages are adorned with patterns and animals to help babies learn to focus.

  • Developmental Progression: As your little one grows, they can advance to colourful pages featuring friendly images and faces, promoting emotional development and encouraging interaction with the characters.

  • Educational Play: The book's unique frame includes a rattle feature that rewards babies for spinning the book, teaching them about cause and effect. This activity also helps them learn to balance on one arm, strengthening their shoulder and core muscles, which are essential for future milestones like sitting and crawling.

  • Versatile Use: Even when your baby can sit, they can continue to enjoy the book from a seated position, further developing their balance and coordination.

  • Family Fun: This tummy-time spinning book isn't just for solo play; it's perfect for bonding moments between parents and their little ones. Older siblings can join in the excitement by helping turn the pages, creating a fantastic family activity.

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