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Wooden Rainmaker

Wooden Rainmaker

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Rainmaker Rattle

Introduce your little one to the soothing sound of falling rain with the adorable Rainmaker Rattle. This wooden rainmaker recreates the soft and calming sound of raindrops, captivating young minds and providing a multisensory experience.

Key Features:

  • Rainfall Effect: Colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating both captivating sounds and mesmerizing visual effects that engage and entertain babies.

  • Design: The Rainmaker features cute illustrations on either end—a smiling sun and a fluffy cloud—adding to its visual appeal.

  • High Quality: Crafted from high-quality and responsibly sourced materials, the Rainmaker meets current European safety standards for your peace of mind.

  • Age-Appropriate: Suitable for babies from birth and up, making it an excellent choice for early sensory exploration.


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