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XL Rainbow Organza Fabric | Extra Large Sensory Scarf

XL Rainbow Organza Fabric | Extra Large Sensory Scarf

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XL Rainbow Organza Fabric | Extra Large Sensory Scarf

Immerse your child in a world of colour, texture, and imagination with our XL Rainbow Organza Fabric. These extra-large sensory scarves (each one is 1m x 1.5m), inspired by the seven vibrant colours of the rainbow, are designed to awaken creativity, provide sensory stimulation, and enhance little one's learning through play.

Key Features:

  • Rainbow Magic: Each sensory scarf set comes in the seven colours of the rainbow.

  • Multi-Sensory Play: These organza scarves offer both textural and visual stimulation. Children can feel the lightweight, delicate fabric and explore the colours as they play.

  • Versatile Uses: Use these sensory play scarves to enhance music and movement activities and encourage imaginative role play. They are a versatile addition to any playtime or learning setting.

Our XL Rainbow Organza Fabric is a fun tool for play, learning, and sensory exploration. Whether your child is dancing with the sensory scarves, creating imaginative worlds, or simply enjoying the vibrant colours, these scarves are sure to ignite their curiosity and spark their imagination.

Order a set today to bring the magic of the rainbow to your child's playtime!

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